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A failing rock group based in London who frequently disagree with on/off singer Jp Palin, have no real fixed bassist and drummer and generally suck. Despite this, they have a somewhat large following made up by friends and whores, all of whom favour the band to local rivals, Weekend Religion, who suck. Jon Horton and Jordan Philips, they key members of the group meet fairly regularly to write emotional music, cry and touch, and have now produced 5 songs, none of which are nearly good enough to play to an audience. Band members also encourage the adding of ATF to friend's mysspace pages and msn screennames. The logo seems to appear on many local objects including school desks and drunk people's faces
"man, you know they're better than those fags in weekend religion"

"dude, get these shites off and get some atf goin!"

"vote all that fails!"

"all that fails: now there's a band who suck"
by ATF January 08, 2006
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bitches, u use so ur not bored at lunch, summer school, or any other time you would be bored
hows your gapfiller?
by ATF December 16, 2002
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