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A working class youth in London during the coventry scene in London.

Originally a person who stressed unity.

Responsible for the culmination of Punk and Ska in the late 70's.(Punk a "white" music and Ska a "black" music. The icon of the new genre being a black and white checker board pattern to show racial unity).


A bunch of ill informed trendy racists.
1) Did you see the Skinheads at The English Beat show? Boy can those fellas dance all silly like!

2) The African American youth was beaten to death by a racist Skinhead because of his skin color.
by AMONEY August 11, 2004

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To peacock and draw attention to your garments in order to overcompensate for your smaller than average physical assets.
What is that James is wearing on his head? He must be red lacing so girls won't look at his crotch.
by AMoney February 13, 2012

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