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A Person who is not so intelligent but try's to act like they are. A fate nerd also showers bi weekly, listens to crappy music he insists is amazing, has long fingernails with dirt encrusted under them, has very pale skin, thinks they are leet pro gamers but suck immensely, reads web comics religiously, and loves all weird al's music! ;A Person fated to be a nerd!
A Fate Nerd would be a person who is very ignorant, smells, thinks there smart, plays weird games, listens to crapy music knowone in there right mind would listen to, and has a beer belly but never drank a beer.

I Fate Nerd would say something like this "Dude, this webcomic rules hahaha let me put my feet up on my desk with my sweat pants on and like spread my legs so people can smell my scrotum." - They would say this with a weird voice that sounds like they have saliva in the back of there mouth and slurring words.
by AJ Busch March 14, 2007
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