1 definition by AJ Simpson - Ol Dirty'

A place dedicated only to straight men in the after life where they must face each and every "Man Sin" they committed while alive and receive some sort of penance.
-Finish a whole keg during a keg stand in MAN HELL for every girly cosmo type drink bought at a bar for oneself. NOTE: drinking them at a party where it's free or to get laid is acceptable as long as in a red cup.

-Being a one man NFL team vs the 1985 Bears in MAN HELL because you have a bruise/cut and can't play tackle football with your friends.

-Fight against a champion pit bull in a dog fight ring dressed in a steak suit in MAN HELL because you bought a cute, little puppy..unacceptable!

You get the idea... so don't be a pussy!!!
by AJ Simpson - Ol Dirty' May 27, 2010
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