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Connecticut College (also known as “Camp Conn”): Some call it a party with a $40,000 cover charge. Others call it a "good time." Whether its Volvos, Saabs, or Audis, look out because... well, we all drive them.

Whether it’s learning to drink in night classes, environmental studies, or Spanish with “Roca!,” 60% of us went to boarding school, so we learned how to major in minors and drink stiff beverages ... Thanks to our old, old, old money we are "all set." It’s a place where kegs have no charge, legs grace the air of every "common" room, blackouts are a given, and there is boot in the co-ed bathrooms.

Oh, and the students do get a good "education" along the way to BOC (Black Out City). The perfect math equation: 2 thirties, 2 handles of Dubra, 2 packs of concentrated lemonade = GOOD TIMES… The force is easily enjoyed whether out of a funnel or a ladle... Niiiiiice. Go camels!!!!
A: "So, you went to Connecticut College? I hear that it's like a country club there."
B: "That reminds me, I need to pay off my dorm dues and parking tickets from 2004."
by AFH, KBM January 02, 2007

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