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A city in the southern most area of New York State. It is commonly believed to be the "Greatest City In The World" (said mostly by people who have visited it once or twice). The truth is all we have in NYC is the best pizza and assholes. The tourists who come to new york are the worst, and imagine it to be like something they've seen on TV or in the movies. There's really nothing special about NYC. In the tri-state area many teens enjoy bragging about going to "the city" over the weekend, but if you actually live there it's nothing special. I have been to other cities and many, if not all, have been better than NYC. There are some good things about NYC; if you live here you know where all the good food is, you don't get the "tourist special" and pay the actual price. If you work on it you can attempt to not develop the accent and you will say words like coffee, talk, ask, instead of cawfee, tawk, and axe. One more thing... Anybody who says that they enjoy Times Square is either lying, or a complete moron. Who enjoys walking through a crowd of thousands of people at two in the morning?
Kids who live outside of New York City, eg: westchester, yonkers, Staten Island(I know that they are technically still in the city), New Jersey, Rockland, and other suburbs:

Teen A: I can't wait until friday I'm goin to the city.

Teen B: oh yea? why?

Teen A: because after i get back everyone will think i'm cool.

Teen B: you're a fag.

Kids Who live in New York City:
Teen A: I gotta go into the city today

Teen B: that sucks. good luck

Teen A: I know, my whole day is shot.
by ACREDIBLESOURCE March 25, 2009
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An annual Saint Patrick's Day celebration held in Albany, NY. There are two ways one can go about celebrating kegs and eggs; the first is by going out at midnight to several different parties and develop a buzz untill the sun comes up. Upon sunrise you move to one of the many bars such as Chubby's, Michael's, Bogey's, etc. You then continue partying, drinking, and bathing in beer untill around noon.
The other form of celebrating kegs and eggs for pussies is to set your alarm clock and go out at 6 in the morning.
Guy 1: Hey man, when are you going out tonight for kegs and eggs?

Guy 2: I was going to set my alarm for 6

Guy 1: You're such a pussy
by ACREDIBLESOURCE March 14, 2009
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