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Street Gravy is the standing greyish, oily, and slightly thick water that collects in city streets. It's perpetually there, even in the summer..somehow.

It's primary characteristics are that it's gross, it's of unknown origin, and it isn't any clearly distinct origin or composition. e.g., it isn't motor oil, fresh water, etc. It's some amalgamation of city filth in liquid form.
Ugh. I stepped in street gravy on Houston. Time to cut off my foot.
by ABadCaffeineTrip March 13, 2020
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A Hypermiler is someone who drives 37.2 MPH on a interstate so they can save $0.75 cents on gas over the course of a week. They have no regard for anyone else or their time.

Hypermilers present a clear danger to to traffic by creating an unanticipated obstruction by simply driving well below the posted speed limit and expected speeds for a given road.
That hypermiler just caused an accident with a bus full of nuns to save fifteen cents on his daily commute!
by ABadCaffeineTrip June 24, 2008
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