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A metro-sexual, not necessarily of middle eastern or caucasian decent, but most likely. Usually found "spinning" house music at Clubs or shopping in stores such as Metropark. Often confused with a "guido", Frankie B. Niggas are normally from the Orange County area as opposed to Jersey Shore.

Wardrobe: Tight designer jeans such as Frankie B, True Religion, Seven, etc. Tight shirts, normally black with lame embroidery covering the majority of the shirt. Basically clothes that look like they came from a Hot Topic for gay men.

Hairstyle: typically the "Fo-Hawk"

Attitude: Most Frankie B. Nigggas feel superior to everything and everyone around them. They think that they're the shit , often promoting events at nightclubs.
If you know a guy who takes longer to get ready than your girlfriend then he's a Frankie B. Nigga.
by A-MOOO December 06, 2009
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