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A person acts like a total disaster and gets rejected by ladies
Dont be a harsh
by A wise person June 03, 2019
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There are many hardcore One Direction fans. The One Direction fandom, is the deadliest fandom. Only certain people are allowed inside the fandom, and if you don't know the exact minute each boy was born, chances are they'll tear you to shreds because you claimed you were a 'Directioner'.

If you don't know the address of each boy, and their families by heart, you are not a 'Directioner'. If you haven't watched them since the X-Factor, you're not allowed in the fandom. If you don't know every inside joke-even if it was from three years ago-you're not a 'Directioner'.

So, if you don't know every last thing to know, about One Direction, don't call yourself a 'Directioner', because the fandom will rip you limb by limb.
If you say something like:
Niall likes Cats!
Harry loves Carrots!
Louis is 'Daddy Direction'!
Liam loves His Hair!
Zayn loves Food!,
You're not a Directioner.
by A wise person February 22, 2015
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