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The creatures having appearance of humans,but possessing brains of cockroaches. Their sole purpose is to destroy all the knowledge that humans have gained (which they begin to pursue by taking birth). They're pathetically stupid and painfully passionate. All of them are supposed to have evil intention, yet, some of them are soft-hearted.Education is downright non-extant among pohshunkas.
The term literally means 'One who kisses his own ass'.It is mostly used in mountains of Siberia and south Russia.
1)A little more imbecilic words from you, and you'll be no better than a pohshunka.

2)"Cow urine is the best medicine in the world."
F*cking pohshunka.

3)"I hate Jesus because he was non-veg"
OMG a pohshunka!

by A true pohshunka January 05, 2009

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