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A decent place. No more, no less. England varies depending mostly on what city you stay in. Yes, we have a problem with immigration, chavs, an underachieving football team, but we're not full of tea drinkers, with awful teeth/food either.

As the author of #1 stated, we have an unhealthy relationship with the other nations in the U.K, due to things that happened centuries ago, and sports games, but none of us really took off until we combined. My wife is Welsh, and I love her with all my heart.

Simply put, we are just an alright country.
In England, you are sure to have both good and bad experiences.
by A person from england January 09, 2010

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Just an amazing girl really. She's cute, fun to be around, trust worthy and can make me smile. Loves orange juice and cats! I'm glad I've got an Ashleigh cause if you haven't got an Ashleigh then get ready for a boring life. Don't let go of an Ashleigh!
There is no example to show how amazing Ashleigh is.
by A person from England March 30, 2013

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