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1) Any cup, mug, container, or carrying device that can satisfy the needs of a man.

2) Referring to the size of a cup of coffee that is 20 ounces or more.

3) Any sized carrying instrument with the intended purpose of fulfilling a man.

4) Any long and skinny shaped thing that is 23 inches long.

5) The size of an axe, truck, or Empire State Building.

6) Refers to the size of man problems
1) That sure is a man-sized tupperware container

2) "One man-sized, weak, skinny, vanilla latte, with extra foam and 4 sweetners please" "Here's your bucket sir!"

3) That woman is man-sized.

4) Wow, that foot-long isn't quite man-sized.

5) That spade is almost man-sized

6) "my hands are weak" "that sure is a man-sized problem you have there!"
by A Dancing Camel October 07, 2008

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