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a rejection to giving an answer, usually used when either not feeling like explaining it or don't want the person to know.
"hey john, what time is the movie tonight?"
"don't worry about it."

"Oh Sally, would you marry me?"
"don't worry about it."
by A/b/rolol February 18, 2010
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A rhetorical question aimed to degrade a person’s true passions to exemplify the more sophisticated interests of another, especially when trying to serve an example of how much (or how little) substance someone has to offer in the context of online dating.
Wow, John is a very well educated fella with a deep passion for reading books on domestic policies across democratic nations, he can certainly get women with all those smarts! How about you, Will, so how did you find out about lil peep?
by A/b/rolol June 27, 2019
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