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Apparantly, after playing too many board games with Strong Sad, Homsar's already-befuddled mind was even more confused, so when he lost a game of Connect Four, he uttered the phrase "You Shanked My Jengaship!" - Assumingly a cross of "You Sank my Battleship!" and Jenga, as lightly twisted by Homsar's mind. It is unknown how could Strong Sad shank Homsar's Jengaship whilst they were playing Connect Four.

It is later suggested that a game of Jengajam ends when the loser's Jengaship is shanked. This is yet to be confirmed by Hasbro (Copyright holders of the Jenga brand name) who never made a comment about the possibility of ships being built out of their product.
by A Passing Lunatic October 22, 2003
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