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Emphasizing to a great degree that a person(s) is(are) a "Fucking Mongoloid".
"Dude, Barrett is going to jump off a roof on his BMX and land on ramp that's on fire. All while he's blindfolded!!"
"Man, Barrett's a Fuckoid!!"

by 9-10-Do Head August 22, 2006

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A term usually used in referrence to person(s) of desire who are known to be free from sexually transmitted diseases, who have perfect body shape, are amazingly attractive, and/or have large sums of money. An exagerrated term in which the person emphasizes the persons "perfectness".

Highest rank on the "fuckability chart".
"Fuck! Dude! Look at that chick! I heard she's magical."
"Yeah, I know! I heard one time she found a magic lamp, rubbed it and a genie came out."
"Oh, yeah? Did she get to make a wish?"
"No, the fucking genie asked her to grant him a wish!"
"What was his wish?"
"You don't know?! You fucking kidding me? She's fucking magical, dude! You know that his wish was to fuck her brains out."
by 9-10-Do Head August 22, 2006

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