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In the plainest sense, a generational band. they were a band that was considered a cool in the late 90s when nu metal was making waves. three dollar bill, significant other, and chocolate starfish were pretty popular.

but when fred durst began acting like a chocolate starfish(making enemies with eminem which is the worst thing you can do) it ruined the band's image and they eventually became the most hated band by 2003 when they released a pretty bad album called results may vary( i call it "results may suck") in 2005 they tried to rip off rage against the machine in hopes to boost popularity but to no avail and went on hiatus.

last summer, they released in album called gold cobra, which didn't really attract much attention. this is mainly because the music world has passed them by, and they've simply fallen out of favor. also a lot of todays generation has never even heard of them. earlier this spring they fired dj lethal and signed with cash money records where they recorded a song with lil wayne
1999 Fan: I did it all for the nookie! Yeah. limp is so cool.

2001 Fan: They dissed eminem and creed, fred durst is ruining the group


2011 fan: Limp Bizkit? oh yeah, i remember them. they used to be the shit when i was 14. I'm still kind of embarrassed about listening to them back in high school.
by 8mile1997 July 26, 2012

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