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This is possibly one of the worst area codes to every exist! Everyone in this area code is either a piece of white trash or is a stuck up, spoiled rich asshole!!! Also the dumb ass people here are boring, rude, drunks, judgmental, retarded, racist (mainly against black people), and just generally sucks at life!! These idiots can't even drive for shit!! This is the only area code I have ever been to where people slam on their brakes for EVERY PERCEIVED THREAT!!! Whenever a car pulls up on a side street, there is a hill, someone changes lanes (when there is adequate room for them to safely do so), there is a curve, there is a GREEN light, or when there is a light drizzle/snow flurry these idiots all slam on the brakes and slow down by 10-20 miles per hour!!! Also the people here are NOTHING like the people in Chicago (unless you're talking about places like Norwood Park, Forest Glen, and Edison Park). Also this area code seems to have more douche bag Packer fans than any location outside of Wisconsin!!!! Chicago's west suburbs are far better than these overrated north/northwest suburbs!!!!!

Also the people here often try to act tough but they are really a bunch of sissies who will run away when you get ready to kick their ass!!!!!
The 847 SUCKS!!!!!!!!

Skokie, Morton Grove, Niles, Park Ridge, Glenview, Arlington Heights, Shaumburg (SCUMburg), Wilmette, Glencoe, Winnetka, Northfield, Highland Park, Lincolnshire, Lake Bluff, North Chicago, Waukegan, Gurnee, Libetyville, Mundeline, and Antioch are among the worst towns in this area code.

The only DECENT towns in this area code are: Evanston and Lake Forest (only because that's where the BEARS practice)!!!
by 847sucksballs April 14, 2013
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