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The definition of No-Richie is to proclaim that either the latter statement or the following statement is not a lie or fabrication of the truth. Simply put to call No-Richie is to say that you aren't completely full of shit! It is important to call No-Richie because if not done those within earshot of said statement could believe that you are a fat lying piece of shit, that could cause you to lose all your friends and bitches (whether real or fake)!!
Yo son my uncle gave me a Bugatti Veyron that I drive to ma F-22 that's on top of ma runway thats on top of ma condo in Manhattan, No-Richie dawg, forreal bro no-Richie. Then when I get up in that bitch dawg there be triplets of ma bed yo, all of em' is some porn stars that I got into da business.
by 74976492394723976 November 09, 2010
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