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A suburb in the GVA (Greater Vancouver Area) with a rising population. Their is a large asian population, as well as many whites, blacks, and hispanics. There is a small number of east indian people but that number is increasing do to the large population of the connecting city (Surrey) which has a massive east indian population. Coquitlam is fairly safe in some areas but in others it is quite dangerous. Coquitlam also has a large hip hop/ rap scene. Coquitlam is also known for having a large number of shootings each year compared to the surrounding suburbs. An area of Coquitlam known as PoCo is known for being the area in which Robert Pickton (a physco killer who killed many women in the GVA) is/was from. Coquitlam is known for having a large number of gangs (CKV, JBC, Red Scorpions, U.N., Hells Angles, etc). Sometimes referred to as Vancouvers little Compton but now Surrey and East Van are claiming that title. Most of the Crime within Coquitlam consists of pot grow ops, gang shootings, assaults, and car theft. Coquitlam has 3 movie theatres, a very large mall, and many large grocery stores such as Super Store. Also because Coqutuitlam is at the base of some large mountains there is commonly bears that venture down into the town at night.
Jon: Did you hear about that stuff that happened in Coquitlam on the weekend?
Carlos: No, why? Another person get killed by a bear?
Jon: No, some dude got shot on Lansdown and another dude got shot up on Lougheed.
Carlos: Oh...
by 604COQ October 05, 2009
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Hells Angels ....A huge motorcycle gang that started in cali in the 60's and has now spread up the west coast and is now one of the dominating gangs in Vancouver BC's drug trafficing. In vancouver the gang is at war with the UN gang , the Red Scorpions , and anyone else who wants to pick a fight. They have spread as far east as Montreal Quebec.
Carlos: Sorry im late for work boss. Another Hells Angels got killed so all the H.A. members decided to fuck up traffic for half a day while they all go to the funeral.

Boss man: Basterds....
by 604COQ September 27, 2010
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