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An attention whore on youtube. (In his view), If you don't like him, you are obviuosly a homophobe; it couldn't have anything to do with the fact that he always bitches about stuff, said "who cares" about 9/11, and acts like a retard

Also the first heterophobe to exist. He wants gay rights and says he can't change who he is, but doesn't view being straight as an excuse for a boy to not date him. What a hypocrite.

Also, thinks that the world revolves around him because he is famous. What he doesn't realize is that most people watch his videos to make fun of him. (See video: Watch Chris Crocker Blink)

Then, he warns people that he will fuck them up if they talk to him like he is crazy. (Yeah right, he wouldn't do shit in a fight) and expects to be treated well.
Have you seen Chris Crocker? He is so annoying!
by 557 Vinto March 20, 2009
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