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Not really a nap at all. Code word for spanking your monkey, punching the clown, floggin the dolphin, having at yourself, pulling your pork, rubbing one out, or just plain old jerking off.
When I have trouble falling asleep, I take a special nap and then I sleep like a baby.
by 4fingeredman November 23, 2006

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Dial down the middle. Literally it means a girl cups a guys balls and holds them up to her mouth while sticking his dick in her ear. This is to resemble an old school telephone. Usually this term is reserved to refer to a woman who should suck a dick but doesn't, either becuase she is not very bright or because she is what can best be described as a word that rhymes with bunt.
Jen B is a royal bitch. I am going to have her make a call on the hairy phone after we go to dinner this Saturday night.

Erica is so stupid that when I told her to make a call on the hairy phone, she was giving herself chumpy welts instead of just sucking the dick.
by 4fingeredman January 12, 2007

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