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A small town in Bergen County, New Jersey where nothing exciting happens. It has a school that goes from Pre-K to 8th Grade called Midland School, which pretty much sucks now since it has gone through so many changes in the past few years. Across the street from the school is a church with a big statue of Jesus stuck in a glass elevator. Also there is Carlock Field which used to be cool before they fenced it up and a put a curfue on it. The cops in town have no lives and pull you over at night for no reason just to fill in there quota. About 5-10 minutes you could walk to the Garden State Plaza, which is in Paramus, where kids, parents, sluts, scumbags, lowlives, and retards from Rochelle Park go to congregate because they have nothing to do with there sad sorry pathetic lives. Nobody ever knows where the fuck they are walking when they are in the Maze. The Shop-Rite in Rochelle Park is the most depressing place on earth. There's a 7-11, a crappy ice-cream place, Linwood Pizza, a Chinese Place, a Dunkin' Donuts which closes at 10:30, Teds Deli, and a sushi place that nobody ever goes to. There is now a CVS in Rochelle Park which is totally random. Gallos Pharmacy and Covience store is right down the street. Across the street are condos that were just built recently. A diner which closes at like 11. Yeah that's pretty much it. The town sucks, but its better then Maywood. Fuck Maywood.

Rochelle Park likes anal.
by 41865165165 August 20, 2006
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