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Inter is a soccer team in Milan, Italy that plays in the Serie A it was originally founded because a group of Italians weren't happy that AC Milan had almost all Italian players and not many International players. They named their new team Internazionale Milano with the idea that they would buy more International players instead of Italians. They live true by that idea today as they have only 3 Italians on their current squad all of whom are benchwarmers. The club dominates the Serie A every year and has never been relegated! yet for some strange reason they always end up blowing in Champions Leage and other tournaments against clubs that aren't from Italy.
wow Inter is really good in the Serie A against other Italian teams probably because they have more International players than Italian players by a long shot. Too bad they can't compete with good teams from other countries!
by 3.1415946545684796513202231561 November 25, 2009

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