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The Group of the biggest, fakest, bitches on earth. 50cent and game had a fake beef to get publicity for there new albums coming out. Then these faggots paid a guy $50,000 to take a bullet in da leg 2 make the shit look serious. Then the week there albums came out and all the fake ass little white and black kids ran out and got, Game and Fifty all the sudden are boys again. All you faggots buyin there cd's dont know jack shit. 50cent absolutley sux, his lyrics are absolutley corny. Where the fuck have you ever heard a real gangster talkin about goin 2 da "Candy shop" u stupid fuckin idiots, and this goes 2 everybody whether ur white, black,rich or poor who buy his shit. Go find sum real music 2 listen to, rather then the fuckin faggots that MTV tells you to listen to, What kind of fuckin ignorant asshole says how he kills and fucks people up when he dosent know shit about it? All he does is sit at his mansion all day gettin drunk watch shows on his big screen TV, then tries to come off like he's from the ghetto and caps motherfuckers up everynight, when this faget wouldnt even touch a paintball gun. And for the pussies who try to defend him--all u r is a fuckin idiot who can see whats really goin on, all these commercial rapper know they suck and their fake, but they enjoy putting this shit out because they know rertars like you will go buy there CD. Try to support someone cause there good, not because of how much gold they have on them, or how many bitches they have in their video. This includes all those rappers...Nelly, 50 cent(all of guint, Kenye west, chingy, all that bullshit downsouth garbage which dosent even have a flow or good lyrics and is just yelling "Yea" and "what", sounding like their ghost writers have down-syndrum. Stupid token-blacks like the rappers on MTV with all the flashy shit, are not trying to show talent they want money for their record lable, and do what the record lables tell them. First 50 used Im 2pac gimmic buy sayin he was shot nine times, then all he talks bout is how he's a gangster this and that, now that little gimmics gettin old, so now he gonna sing about goin to a fuckin candy shop and lickin lollypops, wit a stupid slut singin in the back round, they just use gimmic after gimmic over and over. Now I hop i have told u people a little sopmething, the one who know whats up will read this and agree, yet there are still gonna be u fucking idiots who go and buy what ever they tell u too, and just call me a "Hater", and thats what they tell u 2 call people like me who see through the bullshit.
I tote a gun, i'll take ur life away, im a gangster......(2yrs later) I wanna the candy shop, the lollypop, i wanna have sum sex, im going to the club.
by 211JBHoodz March 12, 2005
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