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The level of alcoholic intoxication that lies between tipsy and drunk. In this state, one has the ability to maintain control of themselves, but are still able to have great fun. You can tell that somebody is tugged if they are talking more than usual, maybe slurring some words, and have slight trouble walking in a straight line.

-Originally coined by the great Tim, with the other Tim as his witness

Tim # 1 - Hey man hows it goin
Tim # 2 - Good, you know, but I've only had like 7 natty ice's so I'm not that drunk. I am solidly tugged though, so tonights goin pretty good.
Tim # 1 - cool man, I do like to get completely trashed most of the time, but its always nice just to chill with a good tug every once in a while.
by 2 Tims January 08, 2007

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