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This is the actual definition of the name of the multiplayer online game Runescape. Rune (noun) is an aphorism, poem, or saying with mystical meaning or for use in casting a spell like abra-cadabra. Scape means a slip or fault. So Runescape pretty much means a spell that was cast wrong.
Spell: Hokus Pokus, Abra Cadabra!

Witch: Hokus Pukos, Cabra Abrada

(huge explosion)

Witch: Ahhh what a terrible runescape

Runescape Creator: Thats it! I've found the perfect name for my new multiplayer RPG! Runescape! This name will totally leave fans of the game confused... unless some person on urban dictionary finds out the meaning and tells everybody.... Ha! what are the odds of that happening!
by 1y6o46u7656u6c69k1 November 26, 2009
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