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Black people are people who orginally come from africa, but there are different breeds of blacks we are not all the same. I hate it when we say those are your people because we're black. A lion isn't the same as a tiger. A Pigeon isn't the same as a hawk but they all come from the bird family. We even have different skin colors, from light to dark. Unity is an deception, Black Panther, Black Pride even KKK is an illusion any group that does this is decieving themselves. The kkk doesn't even know they have white africans. Even in the white race a british girl and a blonde from California are not the same people even if their ancestry is the same, their mentality isn't. Black Americans who were brought here through slave trade aren't truly African Americans, they are black but they have no real conncection with Africa. Black or race is an identification it doesn't mean anything, you're born alone you die alone. My ancestry is Nigerian Im american born my accent is american, not one black person from the states ever took me under their wing. They are just like tribes in the state only difference they call it their hood but like I said Unity is an illusion. God intended this for a purpose, we wants us to stick to our kind not race but people of the same mentality, lingo, culture, heart, values for the most part.
I love my black people from Ghana
by 14130 September 03, 2012

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