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Alot of you think, that 'Scene' kids are fags and should be hated by society.

Real 'Scene' kids do NOT type like



Real 'Scene' kids actually hate when people type that way, I personally hate it, it makes you look uneducated and dumb.

Yes, 'Scene" kids are obsessed with dinos and Hello Kitty,
they love them actually,
for some insane reason.
But you like what you like for some insane reason, right?
Of course you do.
For example,
my sister likes sharks,
for some insane reason.

'Scene' kids do not max out their parents credit cards.
They shop in thrift stores, and I have to say that's pretty smart, thrift stores have very, very nice clothes for very, very cheap.
The clothes there are affordable.

'Scene' kids are very into poetry, art, and music.
Music is everything to a 'Scene' kid. It's their escape, I think.

They tend to wear tight clothes and alot of accesories when out of the house, yeah, but it's what they want to wear, let them wear it. I personally hate whenever a person makes fun of what someone is wearing, it's not your body, so it's not your decision what's on it.

They're not wierd,
they're themselves.

Oh and, they are usually Vegan or Vegitarian, that's why they're so skinny.
Fake Scene kids:


Fake poser scene girl: "OH EM GEEEE YOU GOING TO THE SHOW TONIGHT?!"

Fake poser scene boy: "HELLA YEAH WAT DO YA THINK!?"

Fake poser scene girl: "OMG I LOVE DINOS!"


Real scene girl: "Look at those fakes" *shakes head*

Real scene boy: "I know, it's pathetic, wanna get a smoothie?"

Real scene girl: "Well duh!"
by 1234whocares November 12, 2009
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