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Original Content, noun, often abbreviated as OC

Content, usually refering to online content, that is new, unique, and/or original and was created by the person posting it (usually OP).

More generally, it means media, written works, jokes, or conversational topics that are not corny and haven't been beaten to death. Original Content is gold, it brings value into the world and light into the dark recesses of the Web.

It can also mean a new iteration or spin on an already-existing Internet meme.

The opposite of original content is a repost.
I can't give examples of original content, because then it would cease to be original content.

Examples of the OPPOSITE of original content:

Yo dawg...

Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

Hi Reddit! Here's a picture of a cat I rescued

If...You're gonna have a bad time


This so much.


(in meatspace): So, uh, nice weather we're having eh?
by 1234923784y327841294 March 6, 2014
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