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Drop dead gorgeous girl who is strong, outgoing but classy, hilarious and very friendly. Kassia is great at making friends and she has great taste. She makes the perfect girlfriend because she is loyal, fun and trustworthy. Kassia is always the life of the party. Although she can be sensitive at times, she is usually able to bounce right back.
Everyone needs a Kassia in their lives!
Person 1: Man, look at that hottie! I want to meet her.
Person 2: I know, everyone is so attracted to her because she is always the life of the party!
Person 1: She must be a Kassia!

Person 1: I love my girlfriend Kassia because she is drop dead gorgeous, outgoing, strong, hilarious and friendly!
Person 2: I wish I had a Kassia in my life!
by 0909091 April 11, 2011

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