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An awesome teenage girl who hates vampires and loves music. She has alot of friends and hates fake people. She loves to party and takes alot of pictures. She has so many insider with her best friends and makes up nick names for everybody. Her favortie numbers are 18- 27. She loves guys with brown hair and brown eyes and sexyness. She can make anybody laugh even in the worst time. She loves fish names and is super funny.She can get along with almost everybody but if she dont like them after they leave shes a ball of fire and ready to go. Dont irratate her because then your in for a rude awakening. They guys like her but just wont admit it and she loves her one cousin and her neighbor. She can flirt mad hard and nor realize it and she can be shyh when shes around somebody she really likes, so pay attention to her body langauge, play your cards right and youll have the best girlfriend youve ever had. you know you love her.
Dude 1: woah! lok at her! shes pretty but shy , whats that about?
Dude 2: no dude shes shy around you cause your the hot hockey guy.
Dude 1: no i dont think so.
Dude 2: no look shes fine with them guys
Dude 1: Your right i might wanna go get my paige now. shes smokin hot! i guess thats how she flirts with people.
Dude 2: no?!?
by 0192837465122345 June 28, 2011
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