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Pretty girl, likes extreme sports, lots of laughter&good sex. Creative, pushes boundaries but lacks self confidence and is probably more beautiful then she realises. Likes to win, but doesnt often, competitive and likes to rock it at the top when she cant win. Kind to family and friends-but often does too much for them. Parties hard & can be relied upon by the other crazy party-ers that she'll be there with them long into the night when everyone else has left!

Always the girl on the team/in the crowd/at work who speaks her mind and says 'theres an elephant in the room'!! when everyone thinks it,... but nobody says it. A fiercely loyal friend-if you screw her over once-you wont again. Definately thinks too much and is a complete dreamer.

Fiesty and firey and the guys like her.
Friend 1: Woah did you see that chick....
Friend 2: Yeh she was rippinnn it up
Friend 3: course she was - thats Keira - she'd kick ur ass
by 010101010 February 24, 2010

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