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God, the supposed creator of all of your mad and yet unique people whom all hold unique views.
The supposed father of Jesus, a one humble man killed in a fasion most of you would call MURDER, and TORTURE. Jesus was suposed to have been taken from us to forgive us of our sins, yet over 50% of the worlds population can proberbly be linked back to the Roman empire, and maybe further back than that. Concluding that Jesus was killed BY US, not god. sry.
God being the answer to questions we dont know or understand, God being the only being to travel freely through time and space, and the other 7 dimensions and planes of life that possibly could exist, simply because.
God being the designer of the universe, for which he created good and evil. Indeed he showers us all with love and happiness and joy, unless your the child, born from a mother who was raped, being left at the side of the road that crosses between anywhere and nowhere, awaiting death. JOY!!!!
God as the sole evidence that life outside our solar system exists. Not the thousands of unexplainable sitings all over the world.
God the creator of the men that killed thousands when he hit the button to drop the bomb on hiroshima. nice aint he??
God the energy that created the 4 key elements of the universe as so noted many many pages ago,((electromagnetism, gravity, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force)) not the plausable possibility that these elements had to be as they are for the big-bang to occure, else the big bang wouldnt have happened in the form that it so did, and so would have eventually created a system that was adapted to living in that environment. Because all animals on this rock need carbon + oxygen as the main components to life dont mean that we COULDNT live in a sulpher based environment. simple answer, created by god, is because.
God being the sole essence that im sat hear being botherd to type this crap to you.
God, being so perfect, made me turn 16 Christians away from him, ask him, he will tell you!!!

May the force be with you i say, cos that piece of fiction actually entertains kids at night, and fits the role of GOD better than you think!
considerably irrelevent ironic pointless energy that bind every single particle in the universe together.

Shit, dont it sound like The Force in Star Wars??
by .:FiNaL:.Rabbit May 13, 2004

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