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This is the handle of a man who tries to regulate chat behaviour on the MSN gaming zone. He usually thinks he's above the law in all circumstances. He will kick you out of a room for using even the slightest profanity but doesn't hesitate to private message you threating to meet you in an ally and kick your ass. He also chastises people who's accounts were hacked into for being stupid enough to fall for the hacker's ploys yet soon later, he had his own account hacked; and very badly I might say. He has earned such a bad rap that his appearance was sharply abated and rumor has it, Microsoft fired him for such indecent behaviour.
ThePro@Zone: Good morning
Some Guy: Aww sh*t I forgot my stuff brb
***Some Guy was kicked and banned
ThePro@Zone: You can't say that here idiot. Who's next?
Some Guy2: Bastard stfu
***Some Guy2 was kicked
*** About 20 other people in the lobby start flooding it with profanity and links to beastiality sites to retaliate.
ThePro@Zone> /silence the whole lobby.
Some Guy 47 (Private message to ThePro@Zone) You're an idiot
ThePr@Zone (reply) Wanna meet me somewhere son and we'll settle this?
by -w- October 11, 2004
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Accronym: Idiot's Really Only Queer
Often used non-literaly (Not assuming sexual preference) as an insult of someone being overly narssistic or even extending to a group of overly dignified friends who think they are "above everyone else"
n. Are you IROQ?

n-v. HAHAHA IROQ!! (I-ROQ)(I-Rock) used for mocking someone.
by -w- October 11, 2004
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