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Med. Lakes is the coolest place ever! not just kaz the hottest guy in the world lives ther ((guy)) but everyone there is EXTREMLY nice. Medford Lakes is small but it mucho better then medford((where i live)). People from medford are rich snobs and i really dont like most of them, but people from medford lakes are the best! dont diss medford lake people just kaz they aren't as rich as you are... that doesn't matter.
intresting fact tho... medford lakes only has 7 light posts ((thanx to max and guy who counted. and max lives near 3 of them))
Person:wow look at that person he is soo nice. i wish people from medford were like that
Person 2:medford people are like that but that is deff. a medford laker they are the coolest!
by -person March 28, 2005
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gay fag who smells and is a realy bad friend... kant stand her at all... she is the meanest person... its really a shame.
ewww brittni is an ugly fag.... i kant stand her!
by -person April 01, 2005
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Dillon is really hott and is really cool! we love him so much!
He is a hottie more than i can believe. whoever doesn't believe me is... i dunno not cool?
by -person April 02, 2005
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