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Kid Courageous (aka K.C) are one of the best Australian bands. They are great and unlike many bands they aren't manufactured-meaning they write their own songs and actually sing them...NOT MIME THEM! They and their fans do not 'label' them as 'punk' or 'emo', they are just a great band. Why label, when we can just let them be what they really are?-F***ING AWESOME!
They have many awesome songs but the best one was their second single "Life's A Movie".

"I wish our lives were movies. So I could hit stop, rewind. Replay our favourite scenes and take out the bad dreams. Repeat all the parts with you and me. I could see you everyday. As we travelled back in time. Someday I'll see you in heaven."-Life's a movie_Kid Courageous
by *Polar bear* July 14, 2006
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The country up in North America.
The second largest country in terms of land size
The country with the best view of Niagra Falls
The place where my favourite animals - polar bears- live! :P
The country with the coolest flag, the best national anthem, the coolest accents, and the most interesting heritage.
The great land where all great bands (such as Simple Plan) reside from.
The only country (besides the UK) that spells words such as honour like the Australians...not like the Americans!
The country with the friendliest people and hottest guys!
AND...the best country in the world! (and I'm not Canadian...I'm an Australian!)
Canada = Simple Plan, polar bears, Niagra Falls AND THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!

I will live in Canada when i save up enough money! :D
by *Polar Bear* July 27, 2006
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