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There are two different types of hongers (that I know of) for each gender.

Girl 1: Loud abnoxious and always speaking in chinese and with those cell phones, digital cameras, accessories hanging off the two things, and etc.

Girl 2: Cute adorable girls who love cute things. They are really nice and are really really cute and do cute faces like XD and >.<

Guys 1: Loud abnoxious gangster looking hongers as defined as those above and hang around in little gangster looking groups.

Guys 2: Rich kids, have everything they want, and are smart as hell and are in all the Honours courses at school and school all the little white boys with straight A's

Guys 3 (extra): Perverts

A general classification of "Hongers" are that they almost all play Badminton and suck shit at it and just stand there crying when they miss. They hang in groups all the time and talk really loudly. But they aren't all bad. Some are really smart, some are adorably irresistable.

*note* I like the first guy's definition =D
The mall is full of hongers.
by *Blinding* November 12, 2004
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The two characters on Saturday Night Live's Ambiguously Gay Duo.
Governor: Hey looks its Ace and Gary!
Police: You think they're gay?
Governor: ... na....
by *Blinding* November 12, 2004
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