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a man who cannot get enough of lower-class sluts who have a nasty smell
Tyler has become a real skankaholic; I know it, because he reeks of unclean pussy and I see him often in the company of dirty harlots.
by (none) October 30, 2003

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a thong worn by a girl or young woman the top of which is visible because her pants have come down due to sitting or bending over
Due to the accessibility of the thong, men might be tempted to give it a pull.
Check out that Victoria's Secret black thong on that chick bending over over there. Don't be that girl!
by (none) October 30, 2003

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A term to mean to toke up. It orriginly came from a group of High Schoolers in the 70's who called themselves the Waldos. It took root and spread to what it is now-a-days.

It did not have anything to do with penal code.
"It's 4:20. Wanna' toke?"
by (None) January 12, 2005

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cross between a slut and a fag. just a general diss.
stop being such a slag, you loser.
by (none) February 23, 2005

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