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Best boyfriend ever.Loves hockey (Anaheim Ducks!).Big brown eyes,shaggy brown hair.Will ALWAYS tell you how he loves you,& that youre beautiful.Eyes impossible to say no to.Loves COD & Youtube.Plays guitar.Total ladies man,but very faithful.Shy.Only loud with certain people.Great guy
Girl 1:I hear youre dating a Lucas!
Girl 2:Yep ;)
Girl 1:I wish I was you,you lucky girl!
amazing sweet funny smart
by (Insert witty pseudonym here) April 12, 2011
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Linkin Park is a very succesful band that have been around since about 1996 (I think).They use personal experiances & hardships to attain their amazing lyrics,& have saved MANY lives,including mine.
Yes,they have sung about running away,but when have any of you fags not wanted to run from something going on in your lives?If you havent,then you cant judge people who HAVE had something to run from.
Many people who like Linkin Park tend to like Brokencyde,Paramore,Nickelback,Papa Roach,My Darkest Days,Shinedown,Three Days Grace,Foo Fighters,3 Doors Down,etc.
Some of their most popular songs would be Numb,Bleed It Out,The Catalyst,Waiting For The End,or In The End.
Anyone who calls them 'Emo' or 'Sucky' tend to be punk ass bitches who have nothing better to do with their time then go onto UD under bands they kind of dislike & talk trash about the band the way many people talk trash to them.To them I say Get A Damn Life,No One Likes You Either
Me-There ARE fans over 21,since the majority of my family (& the adults.Biggest fan in my family besides myself,male cousin {Not gay,hes married & has a daughter} whos 39)
Me-Any Linkin Park haters (Yes,thats what yall are,haters) will thumbs down this,& I DONT CARE
Me-Their fans are not just suburban 'depressed' posers,sinces Im a HUGE fan,never even BEEN to a suburban neighborhood,& had PLENTY of reasons to be depressed.
Me-To the people who wrote the shit I just corrected,go suck a dick,you fags
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