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once you become a kpop stan, you’re assigned a kpop boy to be your emotional support boy. said kpop boy is either your ideal mans or ideal best friend.
kpop stan1: “my emotional support kpop boy is bangchan from stray kids, what about you?”

kpop stan2: “yoongi from bts. i mean-? he’s so soft and squishy he’s always there. and he never leaves…”
by ㅠㅠ… June 26, 2021
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adorable adorable people with a love for txt's beomgyu <3

they are so sweet and sincere but also chaotic little fucks :D

we love them tho ^^
yo did u see her insta story? she's deffo a bamtori
by ㅠㅠ… November 18, 2022
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