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Chester Bennington was a singer, and songwriter, and the front man for the rock band Linkin Park. He will be missed greatly for the inspiration of many great bands. He left behind a wife and 6 kids.

(March 20, 1967 - July 20, 2017)
"When life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind" - Chester Bennington
by ®OA©h July 21, 2017

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When you listen to any metal sub-genre and have a build up (the high build), to a good feeling about almost anything and don't care about most things around you, or the things that you do and say. To experience a metal high, you can either start with nu metal and work your way up, or you can find any song that has a strong metal feel to it. The high will wear off if there isn't another metal song being played after the current song is over, being tired, or if you start listening to a different genre of music. If you listen to a different genre, you will have a scratchy feeling in your ears and the music may be the same as you remember it, but the feeling will be different. You'll know when you're metal high, because the 'great feeling' will be there and you'll want to do things that you now have the confidence too.
Head banging is encouraged.
Metalhead 1: Hey dude, want to party?
Metalhead 2: Wait, you have weed?
Metalhead 1: No, we can get metal high.
(Both Metalheads play a list of metal songs and have a head-bang session)
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by ®OA©h January 08, 2018

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It is an armadillo, sometimes called hillbilly speed bumps due to the fact that they come out of nowhere and if you were to run over one, it sometimes causes a rocking effect that occurs going over a regular speed bump.
Passenger: ARMADILLIO!
(Passenger puts seatbelt on)
by ®OA©h January 21, 2017

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A hard time trying to fall asleep.
Friend 1: Hey man you look beat, you ok?
Friend 2: No, I had a night in the rough.
by ®OA©h April 06, 2017

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