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1. the highest form of prostitution
2. the skankiest of whores
3. a high class hobbit prostitute
4. a skanky high school girl who wears too much eye makeup and attracts racoons who may possibly have rabies
Tha girl loks like she put her eye makeup on with a paint roller. She must be a hobaline.
by ¢hri$tyshanequajohnson July 24, 2010

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1. A creeper who makes little girls feel uncomfortable.
2. A person who sneaks into a room at night and whispers into a sleeping person's ear.
3. A person who sits in corners and watches the socialization of little girls without joining in.
The Kai Eye snuck into the hobaline's room and whispered that he liked peas in her ear while she slept.
by ¢hri$tyshanequajohnson July 27, 2010

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