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The name given to punk "drainpipe" jeans when they came into fashion recently. Also called ciggarette pants. They are made of a stretchy material and get slimmer near the ankles. Usually worn by girls but indie/emo/scene/skater/punk boys also wear them. It should be noted that skinny jeans for boys are looser around the crotch so wearing doesn't make you sterile, as alot of ignorant emo haters claim.
I just bought some skinny jeans.
by [x]//Scratch-card-glory\\[x] August 12, 2007

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Another variation of ily (I love you)
I love you way fuckin more
Person A: ily!
Person B: Yer, but ilywfm!!
by [x]//Scratch-card-glory\\[x] August 12, 2007

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A new trend for teenagers, based around the hardcore music scene.
THE MUSIC: Scene kids listen to screamo, emo, post-hardcore music, metal, classic rock and many other genres. Most of these bands are un-signed, which Scene kids find on websites such as myspace or purevolume. A "true" Scene Kid will declare his favourite band as a sell-out the moment they are heard on the radio.
THE FASHION: A unique combination between emo, punk and glam-rock. Boys wear tight retro T-shirts and skinny jeans. Converse, Vans and other skate shoes are a must, but retro trainers are also trendy. Both boys and girls wear alot of make up. Piercings are popular. Accesories such as scarves, wristbands, studded belts and "New Era" caps are very important. The fashion is similar to emo in many ways, but alot more colourful.
HAIR: Scene hair is the most unique around today. It's hard to define, as the more unique it is, the more scene it is. Girls usually have medium length hair cut choppy and dyed multi-coloured. Boys have medium to long hair, with a very long fringe swept across the face (cut choppy) and spiked up at the back. This is usually dyed. Most scene kids straighten their hair.
ATTITUDE: Although often confused with emo, scene kids attitude couldn't be more different. A sterotypical scene kid is over-confident and thinks he or she is the most gorgeous person in the world.
-Scene kids MUST have a myspace, where they post hundreds of pictures of themselves every day. They use very distinct internet language, saying things "rawrrr! dat new pic is the sex!! u luk so radddd and gawjusss!!!"
-Scene kids have many interests, other than music, including art, drama and poetry. Most scene kids form bands.
-Scene kids constantly talk about wierd things like dinosaurs and pirates.
-There is alot of abuse directed at scene kids because of most scene kids "superior" attitude and also because of similarities to the emo culture.
"Look at that Scene kid"
"That guy is so scene"
"That T-shirts a bit scene"
by [x]//Scratch-card-glory\\[x] August 21, 2007

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A type of music very similar to post-hardcore except more influenced by "emo" music. Combines emotional singing with screaming and grunting. The favourite music of scene kids and most emo kids.
I listen to Screamo music.
by [x]//Scratch-card-glory\\[x] August 12, 2007

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