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Fantastically salty.
"These peanuts are saltastic!"
by [matt] April 10, 2008
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1. Sexual intercourse involving a person who is paralysed to some degree. The paralysis must have some implication on the sex for the use of this term to really be appropriate/necessary.

Of course, when the paralysis affects the genitals of the disabled individual, paralysex is pretty fucking pointless for them, but for the other individual(s) it should feel no different to having sex with an able-bodied person.*

* The exception being sex with a genitally paralysed male, but this is quite rare anyway; I mean what are you going to do, put it in a splint? Or just squeeze it in there floppy?

2. A term used to describe sex with a person (male or female) who does not make any effort whatsoever and just lays there, so you have to do all the work.

1. "Hey, I fucked a disabled chick for the first time yesterday! She was paralysed from the waist down. You have to try paralysex man, it's awesome! It doesn't matter how much you suck in bed, they can't feel shit anyway! Um.. not that I suck in bed..."

2. "Dude, I had the worst lay of my life the other night. I took this girl back to mine, and everything was going great until we actually got down to it... First of all, I had to put the condom on myself; she didn't offer to do that like a girl should, ya know? And then when I was shagging her, she just laid there like a dead fish. It was so awkward! I felt like a damn necrophiliac! It was the worst case of paralysex ever."
by [matt] August 21, 2008
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