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A tradition in the Deep South. Basically, a man in white robes plants a wooden cross in a new neighbor's yard and sets it on fire. Not a symbol of Southern Intolerance.
Hey, my new neighbors planted a Welcome Cross in my yard last night. At first I thought it was because they hated me because I was a Yank, but they then brought me some lemon squares and fried cornbread. Man these Southerners are very hospitable and kind!

"Goddammit! My neighbor's Welcome Cross burned down my house!"
by [Cromwell] March 23, 2010
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Refers to the greek symbols omega ( ω ) and alpha ( α ), both of which are used in Physics and look like what their names suggest, Fishy and Butt.
Hey dude! The Physics professor totally got pissed when we talked about Fishy and Butt!
by [Cromwell] March 22, 2010
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