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A beautiful island 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, Mass. This island is far superior to its bastard sibiling, Martha's Vineyard which is located to the west. This superiority is not only because of its superior athletics program, but also because of the fact that there are no trailer parks on Nantucket.

In the summer Nantucket transforms from a small local population to a bustling toursit community. Sailing is a necessary passtime for one who wishes to live on Nantucket. Also included in a well-rounded Nantucketer's wardrobe are pastel polos, popped collars, rainbows, seersucker, and madras.

There are multiple events on Nantucket which make it the desired summer location, including Figawi weekend, the Opera House Cup Party and the Fourth of July. Often, locals and summer folk alike can be found drinking cheap beer on the best beaches in the world around bonfires.

While the summer on Nantucket is very fun, oftentimes it is ruined by douchebags, mainly from Fairfield County, who think they own the island...they don't. Overall, however, Nantucket is the place to be from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
"Where are you from?"


"People actually live there?"
by @@@@ May 26, 2006

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