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A girl who goes to church and wants to "save herself" for her husband. but in reality she will let you put it anywhere except the vag. the girls usually think they are good girls because they have only taken it in the ass, sucked three guys at once, given multiple handjobs and have had a good skull fucking. in all actuallity are whores.
"Man i really wanna get with sarah but she told me she wont have sex with anybody untill she is married!"
"No man you should go on a date with her! she is a religislut! you can put it in her ass or give her a skull fucking!!!"
by /Joker/ February 06, 2009
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a term usually used instead of fuck him/her. or when you just kicked the shit out of something. after exclaiming that you have done so it would be followed buy "and then i fucked it/his/her horse."
"that guy is such a doucher. fuck his horse."
"dude screw that guy. lets fuck his horse."
"man i beat the hell out of that kid. and then i fucked his horse."
by /Joker/ February 06, 2009
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a liquid so amazingly amazing it is refered to as liquid jesus. same as saying it is holy
by /Joker/ January 30, 2009
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