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an amazingly beautiful girl who is a combination of every race ever, with huge tits and a fuckin nice ass. She's funny, insane, and likes huge dicks. Her face is like baby Jesus and her body is the living essence of a boner.

Shut up man!! That's Deijah. *starts drooling*
by $$$braindead$$$ June 23, 2010
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this is a revision of the previous definition, which is completely fucking awful because i wrote it when i was 13. deijah is a fucking amazing girl, who has deep brown eyes and this cute, dumbass laugh and a beautiful voice and she's ticklish and likes video games way too much and she's just fucking amazing and it pisses me off how much i love her because i doubt she loves me the same but hey let's just rant on an urbandictionary definition
/ass tard boy: "dam nigga i,mma fuck deijah so hard she bangin bro"
/not ass tard boy: "i will actually put you in a blender if you talk about her like that again"
/ass tard boy: "wut"
/ass tard boy: *is in a blender*
by $$$braindead$$$ March 02, 2013
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