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Vivian is the best person you can have in your life. She is kind but also is your number one for wondering if you look like a pick me girl cause let me tell you she will tell you. She is funny and once in a while turns into a chicken and I still love her even though she is Madly obsessed with dream smp. Vivian is your number one companion and there will never be a dull moment with her unless it’s pass her hours if it’s past her hours ohhhh nooo do not mess with her she’s Feisty and definitely gets hangry but she is the best person you will ever meet and will always take your side and with boys well she probably won’t approve of any of them but she might be able to tolerate some so have fun with that. Moral of the story everyone needs a Vivian in there life.
Vivian likes to play dolls in the rain
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Vov’s are very rare they are obsessed with dream smp. They have frog bucket hats, and are really cool. She will never approve of any of the boys you like/date but she might tolerate a few. She will let you know if you look like a pick me girl. She herself sometimes gives off pick me girl/emo/chicken vibez she is very fun and is never dull unless it’s before 10 then she’s feisty don’t mess with her she also definitely gets hangry so make sure she gets food. And ya Vov’s are very Unique and amazing peeps and will definitely be homies for life.
I found a Vov last week she was watching dream smp in a white mini van with candy and she was caught wearing a pink frog bucket hat
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