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Used to describe Donald Trump
“Donald trump is a nasty pedophile”

“Agreed. Fuck Trump 2020”
by #heterophobic August 17, 2020

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Heterosexual is used to describe a disgusting type of person, usually one who has committed a sin against jesus. Many of them also are trump supporters and racist.
If you suffer from this mental illness please get some help. ❤️
“Ew look a heterosexual”
“They need some serious mental help”
by #heterophobic August 17, 2020

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(pronounced snAY K ssUK r)
definition: someone who sucks up to snake all the time and acts like besties.

the sucker part is a reference to the way they always suck his dick.
“why us that person in vc with snake?”
“oh, theyre just a *snake sucker.*”
by #heterophobic September 28, 2020

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